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- Alpha ∞ Origin - Deep Meditation Music -

Alpha ∞ Origin delivers music enhancing alpha brainwaves pattern - this rythm is becoming active when we relax and when we experience inner stillness.
Alpha brainwaves are the first door of meditative state of mind - between sleep and awake - which is suitable for changes and inner transformation.
Alpha ∞ Origin uses the binaural and isochronic technologies which allow to progressively slowdown brainwaves with a phenomenon called the brain entrainment. This is a powerful way to reach and deepen alpha states of mind more quickly.

Our sounds are on the #1 free app for meditation and sleep Insight Timer ; feedbacks speaking for themselves you can check them out here !

Sound is an amazing vector of emotion and changes ; it is said that during antiquity sound healing was part of Pythagora's teachings. Besides shamans have always used and keep using drums' sounds to change their state of awareness and travel between worlds to fulfil their mission of healers. Nowadays we re-discover the powerful effects that sound has on our brain - for example Alzeihmer's reversal on mice.

Alpha ∞ Origin uses isochronic tones and binaural beats technology to enhance your sessions of meditation and change your limited believes.

English Subtitles Available !

If you want to sleep / to relax / if you want to develop your creativity / if you want to start meditation or to amplify your spiritual experiences Alpha ∞ Origin's sounds allow to reach the perfect state of mind related to your objective. Enjoy the ride !
Cedric Lebigre founder of Alpha ∞ Origin.


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