Binaural Music for Sleep - Meditation & More

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Music for sleep

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deep sleep "Deep Sleep" is a powerful track designed to reach a deep sleep. Binaural beats are used to deeply relax the body and the brain, progressively slowing down brainwaves from Beta (awake) to Alpha (relaxation) to Delta (deep sleep).



Music to relax - suitable for hypnosis

relaxation"Relaxation" is an album that contains therapeutic frequencies soothing 3 major brains of our body. In addition to our "classical" brain, scientists have found numerous nerve cells in the intestines and heart, making them our other nerve centers.


release"Release" is a 45-minute trip that takes you into a state of deep relaxation. Its final ride makes it particularly suitable to the processes of changes and is therefore advisable for practitioners in hypnosis, NLP or any other practice aimed at the development of human beings.


Autohypnose / Meditation

Music for meditation - suitable for hypnosis

autohypnose "Deep Meditation" contains several tracks specially designed to support meditation: indeed binaural waves produce alpha / theta frequencies observed in electro-encephalograms of seasoned meditators.


here and now"Here & Now" is an album built to keep the person in the physcial reality & in the present time which is the only point of power that one has on one's life. The sounds developed on this 30-minute track capture the balance between the inner world and the outside world.



Music to develop creativity

creativity"Creativity" slows the never-ending stream of thoughts and stimulates our dreamer's brain.
By playing on the alternating stimulation of the left and right ears, this track is designed to stimulate our right brain, associated with creativity and dreams.


creativity"In / Out" promotes creative processes through the exploration of several stages: after an imagination session comes a phase of rationalization. Finally the last two pieces invite unification and thus to find the realistic response of we want to put in place.




Waiting for specific sounds you can use Here & Now and In / Out which are also related to motivation and action.

∞ Spirituality

Music to wake up your soul

chakras"Chakras" is an album designed to balance the endocrine glands, also called chakras in the spiritual tradition.
Powerful alpha and theta waves are used to unleash different altered consciousness depending on your intent.


astral travel"Astral Projection" takes consciousness to the right place if you want to get out from your physical body, a process also called astral projection - or astral travel.
Frequencies of this track encourage the feeling of vibratory conditions preceding an out-of-body experience.


pineal gland "3rd Eye - Pineal GLand" contains frequencies chosen to stimulate the pineal gland : this endocrine gland located in the center of our brain generates melatonin (sleep hormone) as well as DMT, a psychotropic mediator, also called the spirit molecule.