Deep Meditation - Binaural Beats for Meditation

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"Deep Meditation" is a 3-track album + 2 bonus tracks designed to accompany your meditation sessions - regardless of your level of practice. Binaural technology and scanning sounds from one ear to the other help to synchronize the two hemispheres. This synchronization enhances a meditative state of mind - especially assisting in the brain's shift from beta waves to alpha waves and eventually theta with practice.

Duration : 5-5-15 + 15-17 minutes / Intensity : / Price : 18 € excl tax

All the recordings of "Alpha ∞ Origin" are available in high digital quality to benefit from all the active frequencies.

One of the track of this album is available on the meditation app Insight Timer to get a taste of what this is and reviews from users.

Usage Tips

spinal breathing Lie down or sit still and place your consciousness at the bottom of your spine - make a few full breaths (belly - ribcage - clavicles) there.
At the inspiration raise your consciousness along the spine from the coccyx to the center of the brain.
On exhalation shift your focus from the center of the brain to the coccyx - either through the spine or the anterior face of the body.
After 5 minutes of this spinal breathing - put your consciousness at the center of your brain and mentally repeat the sound "OM". If your attention gets lost return effortlessly to your practice.
Note : stereo headphones are recommended to benefit from the brainwave entrainment effect triggered by binaural frequencies.