Inner Strength - Binaural Music for Force and Libido

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The Force is the mojo of any respected shaman. It allows to travel across the worlds and dimensions and also to properly navigate in this reality.
"Inner Strength" is a profound relaxation designed to stimulate inner ressources via binaural beats and targeted frequencies.
No trade secret here. This recording is mainly built around deep D chords. Some say this is a useful note when you want to activate the force and it is said to be efficient with libido activation as well. Anyway this is a pleasant note to listen to and this is already a good rease, isn't it ? So let's use this power D to generate strength in our Hara - this specific zone below the navel very well known by martial arts apprentices.

Duration : 33 minutes / Intensity : / Price : 18 € excl tax

All the recordings of "Alpha ∞ Origin" are available in high digital quality to benefit from all the active frequencies.

Usage Tips

projection astrale Very simple here : concentrate around the navel or slightly below and imagine you can breathe through this place.
You can add the orange color and imagine an energy current is spiraling around your navel in synchronization with the breathing.

Note : stereo headphones are recommended to benefit from the brainwave entrainment effect triggered by binaural frequencies.