Hypnotic Waves - Binaural Beats for Hypnosis

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"Hypnotic Waves" contains 5 versions of one song embedded with different binaural beats: it allows to reach any of a chosen mental state.
Basic version: no binaural wave - it's simply the melody that creates the feeling of relaxation.
Alpha version: 7 Hz brainwaves allowing to enter the alpha state (the door of meditation).
Theta version: binaural waves moving from 7 Hz to 4 Hz allowing you to dive in a deep meditation or hypnotic state.
Delta version: from 4 Hz to 2 Hz this version allows you to go even further. Some of you might go to sleep while listening to this one.
Deep Delta version: bonus track going from 2 Hz to 0.5 Hz, this track slows down the brain waves even more for those who would usually have trouble to switch their brain off.
Duration : 5x20 minutes / Intensity: / Price : 18 € excl. tax.

As all recordings from "Alpha ∞ Origin" this album is available in HQ to get all the active frequencies.

One track of this album is available on Insight Timer to know what people think about it.

Usage Tips
Put headphones on your ears - get a nice chair or a bed - lie down and let it go. Honestly it's as simple as that, there is nothing to do.

You choose the level of relaxation you want to achieve and this will give you the song you have to choose for your session.

You can also listen to the 5 songs in a row, the binaural beats which are encoded there are built into a nice ntaural flow.

For professionals of hypnosis: as usual, stereo listening devices are perfect (speaker collar) but in reality, even without your client will go very far (be careful to stay anchored). Read the testimonials to be convinced.

Note: a stereo headset or other stereo listening device is required to take advantage of the brain training effect triggered by binaural frequencies.