Gamma Path - Binaural Music for Focus and Concentration

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This album is the first sound produced on this website which activates gamma brain waves : these waves are characteristic of activities when we are focused and "in the flow".
They also appear during dreams : this is also why we call dreams the paradoxical sleep. This phase is paradoxical because the body is asleep but the brain works intensely. Though this music can be used for training to become lucid during your dreams.

Duration : 33 minutes / Intensity : / Price : 18 € excl tax

All the recordings of "Alpha ∞ Origin" are available in high digital quality to benefit from all the active frequencies.

Usage Tips

This sound can be used in two different ways :

  • While you work on a project when you need to be focused : put the music at a low volume in background and it will allow you to concentrate with the activation of gamma waves in your brain.
  • In meditation to improve the lucidity in your dreams : to become lucid in a dream is to become aware that you are dreaming. This allows you to "control" the dream and let your feelings run wild. In this is of interest to you - you can listen to the sound lying down as if you want to fall asleep : the gamma waves will allow you to maintain a high level a lucidity while letting go which is perfect for our purpose there, isn't it ?

  • Note : stereo headphones are recommended to benefit from the brainwave entrainment effect triggered by binaural frequencies.