DR3AM5 - Binaural Beats for Sleep and Lucid Dreaming

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"DR3AM5" is a recording designed to increase dream recall and sleep quality.
This album with various atmospheres and dotted with natural sounds such as rain and ocean contains three tracks: the first two are linked together and form a long track of one hour - the third one being an excerpt from the others - designed to be listened to at bedtime.
The frequencies of this recording are those of deep sleep - delta waves - and are associated with gamma-wave peaks which are found in our brain during dreams.

Duration : 2x30 minutes + 42 minutes / Intensity: / Price : 18 € excl tax

All the recordings of "Alpha ∞ Origin" are available in high digital quality to benefit from all the active frequencies.

How to use the album

deep sleep As for the album "Deep Sleep" you can use abdominal breathing: when lying down, start a cycle of abdominal breathing, hands on your stomach : inhaling through your nose for about 4 seconds, inflate your stomach and feel your hands lift up. After a short pause of about 1 second, exhale through the nose or mouth while deflating the belly for about 6 seconds. Hang your breath for a comfortable time, then start the cycle again.
Training for lucid dreams : Track 1 or Track 1 + 2 are recommended, once a day until dream recall is enough to record the first dreams in a notebook. If you are listening to this album before sleep please use track 1 or track 3 only - track 2 being designed to bring back to Beta brain waves - the waves of waking state.
To fall asleep : listen to track 1 or track 3 only by practicing abdominal breathing during the first minutes of the tracks.

Note : Stereo headphones or other stereo listening devices are required to take advantage of the brain entrainment effects triggered by binaural frequencies.