Astral Projection - Binaural Beats for Out-of-Body Experience

Category Spirituality Astral Projection

"Astral Projection" is a 45-minute track promoting the general condition of an out-of-body experience.
Astral projection or astral travel is an expression referring to the dissociation between the body and the mind. Out-of-body projection would be a way to explore the other facets of reality and it appears to be involved in near-death experiences ( EMI ).
For those who are initiated or who want to try the adventure this album offers support to workout.

Duration : 45 minutes / Intensity : / Price : 18 € excl tax

All the recordings of "Alpha ∞ Origin" are available in high digital quality to benefit from all the active frequencies.

Usage Tips

In a lightless room and lying down - start deep breathing cycles to enter into a state between sleep and wake. You can use the breaths presented for the Deep Sleep album . Once relaxed you can use classic astral travel techniques presented on many websites such as this one .
The technique of the rope is among the most effective : you imagine that you start grabing a rope and that you hoist itself along it. After a while you should feel the characteristic vibrations occuring before any out-of-body experience. Keep going until you effectively leave your physical body.
Note : stereo headphones are recommended to benefit from the brainwave entrainment effect triggered by binaural frequencies.